Yeast Comparative Genomics

Manolis Kellis (Kamvysselis) et al.

Draft sequence (7x coverage) was generated for the three Saccharomyces species S. paradoxus, S. mikatae, and S. bayanus. We provide here:

  • download and searches of these genomes,
  • multiple alignments with the reference sequence of S. cerevisiae,
  • suggested revisions to the S. cerevisiae gene catalog based on the multiple alignments
  • details of 71 motifs that show enriched conservation among all four genomes

The Saccharomyces Genome Database is using these data to aid their curated S. cerevisiae annotation, and has integrated the comparison genomes into their website.

Project Information Description and background information
Data download Raw data sets including genomic sequence, alignments, ORF annotations, and motifs
BLAST Search Search the 4 Saccharomyces genomes
Multiple Alignments
ORF list View motifs, suggested annotation revisions, and the 4-species multiple alignments
Find ORF name:
Motif list Display list of motifs identified by enriched conservation among all 4 Saccharomyces genomes
Find motifs associated with ORF: